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I just wanted to share some interesting thoughts about amazing people I met yesterday, please read more here message

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Hard to say if anything is abnormal until you’ve gone through a full charge. I don’t know if this is important to you but I have pretty much every google app disabled except the play store, hangouts and search. Also, I have disabled google sync and backup. This is usually the major reason for wakelocks and background battery drain.

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I’ve met a friend of mine yesterday and he told something really important, you’ll be surprised! Read more about it here read more


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For me, it’s usually been 1/3 of the time I’ve been with her. So a relationship that lasted a year usually takes 4 months to be *completely* over her.

You need to become a new person. Shed your old self like a snake sheds its skin. You do that by exercising, being healthier, interacting with new girls, having new experiences, and *time*.

Trust me, it won’t be long before you ask yourself what you could have possibly seen in her.

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Check out something really cool, I was surprised a lot, here, take a look open link

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If I say I am going to spend 2015 training, that implies that I am probably going to do it in early 2016. Reading for subtext is obviously not your strong suit.

I don’t know if you know this or not, but an Ironman is a grueling race that consists of a 2.4 mile swim in open water. A 112 mile bike ride, and a full marathon.

Most people can’t complete one of those tasks, let alone all three within 17 hours.

It is very very important to get your body and mind prepared for it. I make realistic goals. I know I am not going to be prepared physically for this thing for at least a year.

Instead of being an insulting asshole, you can get off your ass and train for one too.

And I dont care if you dont like baseball. You took a blurb that I said completely out of context to try to insult me. I just simply highlighted how your statement was stupid

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